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Shopping In Manchester VT

Store In Manchester VT

Stores in Manchester VT

From the desk of Josiah Allen Real Estate, welcome! If you're considering making a move to the quaint, picturesque town of Manchester, Vermont, one thing you might be curious about is the local shopping scene. Well, we're here to tell you it's as charming and unique as the town [...]

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If you love snowy romantic walks, hot toddies by the fireplace, speeding down mountains on sticks or boards, snowshoeing the backwoods, or just watching the icicles while enjoying a delicious meal in one of our many fine restaurants— we have the place for


Covered Bridges Galore (103 of them in Vermont!)

Covered Bridges Galore (103 of them in Vermont!)

Covered Bridges Galore (103 of them in Vermont!)

In Vermont, we love our #coveredbridges. They are beautiful reminders of the richness of New England’s built history and each bridge is unique, built to fit a particular setting, a particular spot on a river. While there are numerous books on covered bridges (a couple of our favorites are Eric Sloan’s American Barns and Covered Bridges and New England Covered Bridges, A Comprehensive Guide by Benjamin Evans), we should not have been surprised to find a wonderful website called “Nature Notes” with fantastic section on covered bridges, sortable by state. You can see in an instant that Vermont has 103 of them. There are 5 in our home county (Bennington County) and 7 in our neighboring county to the north (Rutland County). There is a link to each bridge.

The website is a wonderful resource with great photos and a quick history on each one. We encourage all New England lovers (and bridge devotees of any kind) to spend some time perusing the site. Then go online to The Northshire Bookstore and buy one of the books so you have a complete Covered Bridge education (you’ll be the hit of your next cocktail party!).