Is Spring the Right Time to Sell?

So you’ve heard spring is the best season to sell your home. Now you may be thinking to yourself “when does the spring real estate market start?” You’re not alone, lots of people are wondering the same thing. The short answer is: early! The spring market can start as early as mid-January, early February. The market begins to slow once mid-May hits, so don’t wait for the flowers to bloom to get your home on the market!

Why Sell in Spring?

Historically, spring is the best time to sell. Properties go quickly and sell for more money than any other time of year. However, as always in real estate, it depends on your location and local market conditions. 

Longer Days Bring More Buyers!

Spring is a hot season to sell because the days are longer which allows more buyers to tour in the daylight. People prefer to tour houses when the weather is warm out. Take advantage of the opportunity by planting some flowers in your front garden and opening shades so warm sunlight streams into your home.

Timing for Families

Buyers with families are interested in moving in before the school year begins and getting settled over the summer. The market begins to slow down in June and July because families are out with their children on the lake or attending summertime events. Your best bet is to think in the mind of potential buyers and sell in the spring market from the general months of February until April. 

Higher Offers

Generally, the more buyers there are, the more likely you are to sell your home for a higher price. Buyers often get into bidding wars in the spring, which is good for you as a seller! Tax refund season also contributes to more generous offers. 

Next Steps to Selling Your Home in the Springtime

Now your question of “when does the spring real estate market start?” has been answered, but you may be left wondering what the next steps are. You should prep your home to sell by deep cleaning and staging it and then pricing it competitively. Stay informed by keeping up with real estate sales in your area and see what they are selling for, and how quickly they go off the market. Contact Josiah Allen Real Estate for more information about selling your home in the spring!