The Digital Marketing Leader in Southern Vermont

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90% of buyers shop online to search and find homes. So it’s more important than ever for sellers to work with a real estate brokerage that is expert in the power of the web. 

Among Vermont's Top Performers in Real Estate Website Engagement!

Josiah Allen had one of the best years of any firm in the region due to continued and substantial growth in website traffic. Compared to similar real estate firms in Vermont, in 2022, Josiah Allen experienced:

  • 1,000% more visitors on versus an average Vermont real estate website

Our Digital Advertising Captured Over 2,000,000 Views!

Josiah Allen employs digital advertising strategies that increase buyer awareness of Josiah Allen and drives them to our listings. This year we had over 2,000,000 ad views and nearly 50,000 website clicks.

  • Digital Ad Impressions: 2,402,370

  • Click-Thru to Website: 47,849 

We Reached & Delivered The Right Buyers to Our Client's Listings!

Attracting buyers to our website is a difference-maker for Josiah Allen Real Estate. In 2022, had over 152,000 visitors and more than 730,000 pages viewed.

  • Visitors to Site: 152,457

  • Pages Viewed: 733,231

The 10 Ways We Drive Buyers to Your Website Listing

For those who wish to sell their Northshire or Stratton Region property, Josiah Allen reaches more of the right buyers than any brokerage in southern Vermont. We successfully market homes utilizing a powerful array of web-based and traditional marketing tools.

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  1. User-Friendly Website: Our site makes it easy to find homes by lifestyle, location, or price.

  2. Content-Rich Pages: Exploring which of our region’s towns to live in has never been easier.

  3. Mobile-Accessible Platform: Our website is friendly to home buyers using smartphones and tablets.

  4. Search Engine Optimization: A buyer’s search for real estate delivers our site in their search results.

  5. Google Digital Advertising: We provide tailored digital advertising to qualified buying audiences.

  6. Facebook/Instagram Promotion: We show customized messages in home buyer’s social feeds.

  7. Partner National Listings: Your home lists in Zillow,, Trulia,, and more.

  8. Social Media Marketing: We utilize Facebook and Instagram to market the area and your home.

  9. Professional Photography: Attractive expert photos encourage buyer interest and showings.

  10. Virtual House Tours: Room-by-room slide shows that make buyers want to visit your home.

Choose the Digital Leader in Southern Vermont Real Estate

Josiah Allen employs powerful and proven digital strategies that make our firm the leader in southern Vermont real estate. Our top-tier web traffic growth, many online visitors, and substantial pageviewe are the result of our constant effort to stay ahead of the competition.

When you are ready to list your home for sale, choose the top firm in all southern Vermont. Contact us today. We look forward to hearing from you!