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Best Hotels In Winhall, VT

Where to Stay in Winhall, VT

Winhall, VT is not just a place; it's an experience. Whether you're considering moving here or merely visiting, at Josiah Allen Real Estate, we’re here to introduce you to some of the top hotels that make Winhall a luxurious [...]

Things to do in Winhall, VT

Hikers at the top of Bromley Mountain near Winhall, VT.

Winhall, VT: What To Do, See, Taste, and Experience

Within the heart of Vermont’s Green Mountains, the town of Winhall is not just a location—it's an experience. Amidst the seemingly endless natural beauty surrounding the area, you’ll find several activities in Winhall, VT worth checking out. Join us at Josiah Allen Real Estate in exploring [...]

Popular Breweries in Winhall, VT

A craft beer being pulled at a local brewery in Winhall, Vermont

Discover the Best Local Breweries In Winhall, Vermont

Unleash your inner beer aficionado with Josiah Allen Real Estate as we embark on a frothy journey through the charming town of Winhall, Vermont. This picturesque corner of Southern Vermont is a treasure trove of breweries, each brimming with delightful brews and rich experiences that [...]

Best Hikes in Southern Vermont

Discover the Best Hikes in Southern Vermont: A Guide for New Homeowners

It’s no secret that Southern Vermont, is a paradise for outdoor enthusiasts! This region is known for its stunning landscapes; from rolling green hills and verdant forests to charming small towns and vibrant communities, it’s easy to fall in love with living in Southern [...]

Buying A Condo vs Buying A House

Buying A Condo Vs Buying A House

Condo or House: Which One Should You Buy 

Navigating the real estate market is never easy but it can feel like even more of a daunting task when you're trying to decide between buying a condo or a house. This is a significant decision that will affect your lifestyle and financial future so you likely want to know more before you choose. If [...]

Best Hotels Near Stratton, Vermont

Hotel Rooms In Stratton VT

Discover the Best Hotels Near Stratton Mountain, Vermont 

Known as the “birthplace of snowboarding”, Stratton Mountain is a popular travel destination renowned for its pristine terrain, top-rated dining, pleasant scenery, and a plethora of winter activities. If you’re looking to plan a trip here, we’ve got you covered – the Josiah Allen Real [...]

Shopping In Manchester VT

Store In Manchester VT

Stores in Manchester VT

From the desk of Josiah Allen Real Estate, welcome! If you're considering making a move to the quaint, picturesque town of Manchester, Vermont, one thing you might be curious about is the local shopping scene. Well, we're here to tell you it's as charming and unique as the town [...]

ITVFest is Coming to Manchester VT!

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The Independent Television Festival, presented by the Television Academy, will be coming to Manchester, Vermont this October! For 4 days, October 10 - 14, ITVFest will host a myriad of screenings and panels. This event is open to the public and there are 11 ticket types to choose from ranging from $25 for a single day pass to $1250 for an exclusive VIP All Access Pass. You won’t want to miss this fantastic event!

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Browse our ITVFest Rental listings and stay like a local while you’re here!

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