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What Your Kitchen Says About You

Kitchens have really become the main selling point of a home. They are the topic of countless home renovation shows, and more and more they have become the gathering room while entertaining. There are 5 core kitchen design styles, and they all say something different about you and your home, so what does your kitchen say about you?

Today's traditional kitchens are warm and casual. Think dark woods, granite counter tops, and wood flooring. A traditional kitchen is timeless. You pride yourself on looking good and you're not too flashy. 

Traditional Kitchen

Commonly confused with contemporary design, modern kitchens trace their origins to the 1800s. Modern design was extremely popular from the 1920s to the 1950s. Modern kitchens are defined by a moderate use of color, clean lines, and natural materials. If you consider yourself kind of retro, but not quite trendy, modern is the style for you. 

Modern Kitchen

Defined by the tone-on-tone color choices, smooth surfaces, and metallic finishes, contemporary design is perfect for those who find design just as important as function. If you're a fan of making bold statements and consider yourself stylish and sophisticated, contemporary is your type of kitchen.

Contemporary Kitchen

Built by fusing the best of traditional and contemporary design together, transitional kitchens focus on clean, relaxing design elements. Transitional kitchens are laid back while still being on trend. 

Transitional Kitchen

Seemingly random, yet unified, eclectic kitchen design is all about combining elements and style from several periods and different origins. Eclectic kitchens don't necessarily have to be packed with color. It's really about fusing lots of your favorite things into one unified space. An eclectic kitchen says creative, independent, and intuitive. 

Eclectic Kitchen

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